A society in which all people with serious illnesses find relief and motivation through the beneficial properties of art

What We Do

Therapeutic Photography Workshops

Cancer Survivors: The Faces of Hope

photo: Aggelos Barai


Our Goals


To improve the emotional welfare and the patients’ quality of life


To reduce stigmatization and fear associated with illness and its representation


To cultivate more inclusiveness in our society and our culture


To sensitize the public and promote extroversion and social coherence between patients and non-patients


Selection of testimonies from benefiters and comments from the public

Vasiliki F. (2019)

I am grateful to have been a part of this team, to have met all the girls and especially you Dimitra, since without you this journey would not have even started. I am glad to have followed this path with you and I am glad that you showed us and taught us that photography is another way of expressing ourselves.

Today is our last session and I feel moved, satisfied and full of beautiful moments. I am going to miss you…

See you in future journeys and new adventures… in open and peaceful seas.

Dimitra S. 2019

A true testimony of the soul through pictures, the most interesting experience I have ever attended. 

Maria P. 2019

Congratulations for laying out opportunities for self-awareness, happiness, and exceptional creations which are unique for every single one of us. Thank you!

Liana 2019

Congratulations for your strength to dream, to try, to love, to face your fears. You are a true inspiration for all of us!

Kalli M. 2019

Deeply emotional, revealing and freeing point of view. It deserves to go everywhere. A huge bravo for your exhibition and your strength! I would like to add that the results of the workshops are sensational!

Eimy Z. 2020

Whoever can attend the workshop, rush! The work is done excellently, truly therapeutic!

Maria L. 2020

A fantastic program with respect, honesty and love!

Michalis M. 2019

An unexpected journey of Dream and Life which I had never considered doing!

Nikos M. 2019

I am happy and grateful to be a part of your wonderful team. I understood the meaning of life!

Eftychia A. 2019

Congratulations for your bravery and power to exhibit something so difficult but mainly for your courage to transform this illness from something frightening into something that expands and develops our potential. This is the magnificence of humanity!

Anastasia & Hose 2019

Many congratulations to all the contributors! Expression, emotion, sadness, happiness… everything works two-ways so simply, directly and humanly!

Christos & Eleni 2019

Photography that helps the state of mind of the individual and the society. Congratulations. Move forward.

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