Cancer Survivors: The Faces of Hope

This project brings together distinguished photographers with survivors, in order to create, through dialogue, portraits of strength and optimism, accompanied by the survivors’ personal messages

Emphasis on human contact and collaboration


Every survivor meets

a photographer with whom

they have been matched


In a relaxed environment, they discuss about their life and their experience with cancer


They end up with ideas

on how they are going to collaborate in order to create a powerful portrait


They have a photo-shoot

the way they have both agreed on


They choose the picture that best represents them


Every final portrait is accompanied by a small text - a personal

statement from the survivor


Every photographer also shares

what they gained through this experience


The portraits are displayed

in exhibitions, encouraging people with similar experiences

Survivors have the opportunity:

  • to embrace their self-image
  • to talk about cancer with complete freedom
  • to capture the positive side of their experience
  • to create a living emblem of personal strength and optimism
  • to acquire an active role on their depiction, beyond stereotypes
  • to become a source of inspiration for thousands of fellow human beings who are fighting for their lives
  • to support with their own personal message the efforts towards prevention

Photographers have the opportunity:

  • to meet individuals who will inspire them with their vigour
  • to change their point of view towards cancer and people affected from it
  • to face a very interesting challenge, testing their own stereotypes
  • to support with their work a survivor and a charitable purpose
  • to participate along with fellow distinguished photographers in the exhibitions of the project
  • to contribute towards more inclusiveness in society and culture