To μεγαλύτερο μέρος της δραστηριότητάς μας αποτελούν τα Εργαστήρια Θεραπευτικής Φωτογραφίας που προσφέρουμε δωρεάν σε ανθρώπους με εμπειρία καρκίνου

  • They are specially designed seminars of self-expression through photography and imaginative activities that help us face our challenges with a more positive outlook.
  • Our goal is the improvement of our emotional welfare and quality of life.
  • The workshops are open to adults, who either in the past or the present, have faced any type of cancer.
  • Separate groups are provided, specifically for the empowerment of women with breast cancer or other types of gynaecological cancer, for individuals in the first years of their diagnosis, as well as for patients’ relatives.

Multiple benefits for the participants


We acquire a tool to express our thoughts and feelings


We better understand ourselves and our needs


We improve our self-image and build greater confidence


We release the stress created by the challenges of the illness


We highlight our skills and become more creative


We are experimenting and cultivating our imagination


We find interest and beauty in things we hadn’t noticed before


We connect with people who have experienced similar situations


We share our experience within the supportive environment of our team


We improve our concentration and focus more on the present


We acquire a hobby and have a great time


We activate positive feelings of strength, gratitude and optimism

Our activities include:

  • Basic aesthetic principles of photography
  • Introduction to mindfulness techniques
  • Group photo shootings
  • Improvisation, writing and storytelling
  • Participatory photography games
  • Photo assignments at home
  • Activities with light, colour and gesture
  • Analysis, interpretation of photos and discussions
  • Group presentations
Eyes of Light Εργαστήρια

Photography skills are not required

Possessing a digital camera or a phone camera and knowing how to use them is sufficient